The channel capacity of a noncoherent single-input multiple-output
regular fading channel with memory and with feedback is
investigated. The fading process is assumed to be a general stationary
and ergodic random process of finite energy and finite differential
entropy rate. The feedback is assumed to be noisefree (i.e., it is of
infinite capacity), but causal. It is reported that the asymptotic
capacity grows double-logarithmically in the power and that the second
term in the asymptotic expansion, the fading number, is unchanged
with respect to the same channel without feedback.

-||-   _|_ _|_     /    __|__   Stefan M. Moser
[-]     --__|__   /__\    /__   Senior Researcher & Lecturer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
_|_     -- --|-    _     /  /   Adj. Professor, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan
/ \     []  \|    |_|   / \/    Web: http://moser-isi.ethz.ch/

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