This paper provides several asymptotic capacity results for the
multiple-input multiple-output free-space optical intensity channel in
the regime of high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). For the case where the
channel matrix has full column rank, the asymptotic capacity is
derived assuming a peak-power constraint on each transmit antenna, or
an average-power constraint on the total power across all transmit
antennas, or both. For multiple-input and single-output channels, the
asymptotic high-SNR capacity is derived when either only the total
average power is constrained, or only the per-antenna peak power is
constrained, or both but with the average-power constraint being
sufficiently loose.

-||-   _|_ _|_     /    __|__   Stefan M. Moser
[-]     --__|__   /__\    /__   Senior Researcher & Lecturer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
_|_     -- --|-    _     /  /   Adj. Professor, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan
/ \     []  \|    |_|   / \/    Web: http://moser-isi.ethz.ch/

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