Diss. ETH No. 15769

Duality-Based Bounds on Channel Capacity

January 2005

Ph.D. dissertation submitted to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Author: Stefan M. Moser
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Amos Lapidoth
Co-Examiner: Prof. Dr. İ. Emre Telatar
Series: Volume 1 of ETH Series in Information Theory and its Applications (edited by Amos Lapidoth)
Publisher: Hartung-Gorre Verlag Konstanz


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English Abstract
Kurzfassung (German Abstract)
摘 要 (Chinese Abstract)


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To download my Ph.D. thesis, please click here.

Expected Logarithm of a Noncentral Chi-Square Random Variable

A small but useful result in my thesis concerns the exprected logarithm of a noncentral chi-square random variable. This result can also be found on a separate website.


  • Equation (6.302) should read: (wrong factor)

    4\pi^2 should be replaced by 1

  • Equation (8.48) should read: (wrong font)

    wrong font: all h should be random variables, not random matrices

  • Remark 8.9: This remark is wrong, since in the situation of non-regular fading knowing the past will give precise knowledge of the present.

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_|_     -- --|-    _     /  /   Adjunct Professor, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
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